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The Different Types of Affiliate Marketers

The Different Types of Affiliate Marketers

Mason Lindblad

Affiliate marketing is a broad field, and one that encompasses a lot of types of people. But through our research and experience we have noticed a few categories of affiliate marketers on the internet. Here in this blog, we’ll be covering the types of affiliate marketers and what resources they should seek out to improve their success online.

The Mom

While this type of affiliate marketer does not literally have to be a mom, that image of this type of affiliate marketer is pretty accurate. This person is probably a stay-at-home parent looking to make some extra money while the kids are at school, or they’re an empty-nester who now has a lot of time on their hands. The Mom is a major part of affiliate marketing, and their travel, cooking, health, and lifestyle blogs are a cornerstone of the internet. They are likely to seek out affiliate programs of brands that they’ve tried, and that directly tie into the content on their blog.

For those of you that fall into this category, we have a lot of great affiliate programs in all of those categories (you can find those all linked above). We also have an article about innovative ways to make money online that you might like, if you’re not set on only using affiliate marketing.

The Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur is business-oriented and ambitious. They are always looking for another business opportunity and don’t constrain themselves to only things that they’re interested in. The Entrepreneur will make a new website about whatever topic they think is going to make them money. But in addition to a blog, they may also create a YouTube channel, various social media accounts, and even invest money in advertising. It wouldn’t be uncommon for this type of affiliate marketer to have a course or eBook for sale.

If you consider yourself to fall in this category, then maybe you’ll want to check out our blog about how to write a blog designed for conversions.

The Reviewer

The Reviewer covers a lot of territory, but it all comes down to one common thing: These people have a passion for a specific niche, and love the try and review those items. It could be tech, kitchen gear, marketing software, or hotels, but there is always something to review. These types of affiliate marketers will likely have a blog full of affiliate links, but could also have a YouTube channel if the items they review lend themselves well to video.

If you’re a Reviewer, you should definitely read our article about trying products before you become an affiliate for it.

The “Get Rich Quick” Addict

Unfortunately, some people out there would rather get rich quick than put in the honest work. This is a subset of affiliate marketers that we hope you don’t fall into! Here at Grivio, we want to protect people from scams and dishonest schemes that are too good to be true. The easy sign of a Get Rich Quick Addict is a Twitter feed full of affiliate links with absolutely no context. It’s an amateur salesperson’s shotgun approach to trying to make money. And unfortunately, the people trying to get rich quick usually fail to make money. And if they do make money, they only did so by taking advantage of other people.

If you’re one of these people, we encourage you to check out the affiliate programs we have here on Grivio, because we’ve read the reviews and done our research to make sure the companies that offer them are legitimate.